Laurin Containers

As spring is upon us, it’s time to order your semi-buried urban container.


As spring is upon us, it’s time to order your semi-buried urban container.

Semi-buried containers are an aesthetic revolution in the management of residual materials and recyclable materials. The various trims and finishes give it a contemporary urban style that blends perfectly with today’s  architectural environments and landscaping.

Space saving due to the large capacity of the underground section.
No special equipment required, collection is done using a standard front loader truck.
Reputed to be odourless. The cooling of the ground reduces the proliferation of bacteria, thus limiting the spread of bad odours while keeping wildlife at bay.
Urban containers are available in a full range of sizes. (capacity 4.5yd to 10yd)
Sturdy steel construction entirely made in Quebec.
Combinations of colors and finishes according to your decor.
Baked powder coating.
Inground sleeve in hot galvanized steel.

Designed for:
– Schools
– Restaurants
– Hospitals
– Shopping malls
– Areas with limited space
– Fast food franchises
– Multi-unit buildings
– Healthcare establishments

Ideal for:
– The recovery of residual materials
– Fibers (cardboard and paper)
– Glass, plastic and metal
– Waste