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Semi-Buried Urban Container with Cart Dumper


Semi-Buried Urban Container with Cart Dumper

Starting from 12 375.00$

The Urban surface or semi-buried containers are an aesthetic revolution in the management of residual materials and recyclable materials. The various trims and finishes give it a contemporary urban style that blends perfectly with today’s  architectural environments and landscaping..

Conteneur semi-enfoui Caméléon Laurin Conteneurs



  • Space saving due to the large capacity of the underground section.
  • No special equipment required, the collection is done using a standard front loader truck.
  • Reputed to be odourless. The cooling of the ground reduces the proliferation of bacteria thus limiting the spread of bad odours while keeping wildlife at bay
  • Urban containers are available in a full range of sizes from 4.5 v³ to 10 v³ capacity and a combination of colors to suit your needs.
  • Sturdy steel construction entirely made in Quebec.
  • Baked powder coating.
  • Inground sleeve in hot galvanized steel.

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6 VC, 7 VC, 8 VC, 9 VC, 10 VC