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Self-dumping hoppers

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Self-dumping hoppers

Discover Effortless Waste Management with Our Self-Dumping Hopper

This state-of-the-art equipment automates the tipping process once it reaches full capacity, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Built to Last: Crafted using an advanced continuous welding technique, our self-dumping hopper boasts impeccable construction that eliminates the risk of leaks. This robust manufacturing approach ensures the equipment’s longevity and reliability, reducing maintenance challenges and downtime.

Tailored to Your Needs: Choose from our diverse range of self-dumping hoppers, meticulously engineered to meet various requirements. The Regular variant is perfect for efficiently managing lightweight materials like plastic, paper, and cardboard. Need a more robust solution? Our Heavy-Duty range, constructed from thicker steel, effortlessly handles materials such as wood and building supplies. And for heavyweight materials like concrete, metal, and rock, the Ultra Heavy-Duty range, designed with even greater thickness, becomes your optimal choice.

Unrivaled Selection and Dedication: Laurin presents an e-commerce selection of forklift hoppers that epitomize precision and unwavering commitment. Our self-dumping hoppers result from meticulous engineering, ensuring they flawlessly address your specific needs.

SDM (Light Duty)

SDF (Medium Duty)

SDEF (Heavy Duty)

Size 1/2 CU. YD. –  3/4 CU. YD. –  1 CU. YD. – 1.5 CU. YD. – 2 CU. YD. –  3CU. YD. – 4 CU. YD. –  5 CU. YD.
ModelSDM (Regular), SDF (Heavy), SDEF (Heavy-Duty)
CoversSingle, Double opening
Lifting hooks
6" or 8" diameter wheels
1 1/8" drain plug
Steel covers

Technical Specifications